Taurus Foundation

The project to create Fundação Taurus came up in 2009. working to its maximum capacity, it currently presents the practical results of the work developed and seeks new achievements for the Company to remain as a reference to social investment.

The Gurizada do Futuro project aims to encourage the good school performance of students up to the 8th grade of Elementary School. Looking for contact with participants, during 2013 three meetings were promoted with employees, parents of young students enrolled in the project.

In the first, the project was presented to parents and students. From the second meeting, the group was aided by an educational psychologist, who brought to the discussion the "school Routine" theme. In the last meeting of the year, the professional worked the theme "The importance of affection and desire in the learning process".
The interest and participation of parents and guardians during the year help the students' school performance. The result of this joint effort and work resulted in a moment of appreciation of school performance, through an awards solemnity with students and family members, held at the beginning of each year.
The students with best performance, that is, with grade above 7.5 or equivalent grades, are rewarded with complete school kits at the value of R$ 400.00 each.

In 2013, Fundação Taurus implemented a Projeto Pescar Unit at Polimetal, in São Leopoldo, offering a free professional initiation course in operations for the industry to young people from low-income families residing in the city, with ages between 16 and 19.
The young students receive transportation voucher, food, uniform, course materials, life insurance, health insurance plan during the ten months of course and apprenticeship contract (young apprentice). The course is 800 class hours, being 60% of content related to Personal Development and Citizenship and 40% related to Operations for the Industry.

Digital lnclusion
Since 2012, the Foundation has carried out the Digital Inclusion project. In 2013, 7 groups completed the courses offered in partnership with the NGO Aporta: one in Beginners Computing, three Basic Computing, one Intermediate Excel and two Advanced Excel.
All participants received study materials donated by the Foundation. In one of the Advanced Excel groups, one of the students was hearing-impaired, and he was aided by a LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language) interpreter. Since 2007, 435 people have been trained by the project, 40 of them in 2013 alone, over a total of 238 class hours.

Our company's library contains approximately 2,500 works. As a way to foster company employees' interest in reading, new books are incorporated into the collection annually and specific initiatives are carried out. In November we held "The Foundation brings reading to you", an initiative meant to promote the books available in the library, at the same time the Porto Alegre Book Fair was taking place. That same year, the library began offering customized services that allow employees to schedule their visits.

Benefitting an average of 340 employees per month and managed by the Foundation since 2012, this year the incentive to education was extended to our companies in São Leopoldo as well. The institution approves the financial budget for new applications, registers them in the system and reimburses the incentives granted during the period.

Sesi Games
In 2013, our Company's 134 athletes registered for the SESI Games were given new uniforms, shirts and hats bought by Fundação Taurus through sponsorships received from the Itaú and Santander banks. In addition to covering all athletes' registration fees and managing the project, the foundation also pays for the employees' food and transportation costs.

In 2014, the Foundation will set up a sports committee. This group will organize the participation and involvement of company employees in these competitions.
Dom Bosco
In addition to enabling employees to take part in sports competitions, the Foundation also offers this opportunity to their children and dependents. The partnership established in 2012 with Dom Bosco school continued full steam ahead in 2013 and offered indoor soccer and soccer classes to boys aged 3 to 18 during their off-school hours. The project is focused on three pillars through which the students' development is assessed: education, training and social integration.
Taurus has a program for the inclusion of people with a disability. This project is not just about hiring these employees. LIBRAS (Brazilian sign language) courses are taught throughout the year so that speaking/hearing employees and those with a hearing or speech disorder can communicate normally. To increase the number of people with a disability hired by our company, the Human Resources Department has created the Awarded Referral of People with a Disability, in place at all plants in Rio Grande do Sul